Adding Value From Start to Finish

Who is TAQA Engineering?

TAQA Engineering is a new generation engineering consultancy that provides expert capability comparable to global engineering companies at a much lower cost to the client.

Exploiting all the benefits of the Digital Workspace and Cloud-Based Collaboration techniques, TAQA operates with a low overhead structure while still maintaining the highest calibre of engineering capability. This allows us to provide specialist engineering expertise at a significantly lower cost to the client than traditional global engineering consultancies

TAQA is uniquely positioned to provide OE skills and oversight from inception, feasibility, design and construction through to commissioning and operations. TAQA engineers have successfully acted as the Owner’s Engineer on numerous large-scale projects in the Power, Roads, Rail, Ports, Mining, Metals, Chemicals and Oil and Gas sectors across the globe.

Through our experience we have developed a strong understanding of how to maximise the benefit of the role of Owner’s Engineer for the client.

Influential project-based Experience

TAQA engineers are former executives and specialists from global engineering companies.  TAQA Engineers have been involved in the SA Renewable Energy IPP program, overseeing some of the most prolific solar, wind and hydro plants. They have also provided expert advice for the largest wind plant on the continent built in Kenya and the largest solar plant built in Morocco.

TAQA engineers have acted as the OE for Coal and Gas fired power plants, Biomass power plants and Waste to Energy (W2E) plants in Guinea, Botswana, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Lesotho amongst others.

Unique to TAQA is the significant experience in on site power generation for the private sector. TAQA engineers have designed and built dozens of on-site solar, wind and gas fired power plants for clients in the commercial, industrial, mining and resource processing sectors.

TAQA’s strength in on site power generation lies in its ability to design cost effective, long life power plants that generate power at a lower cost than the local utility.


  • Reduce capital and operating costs of a plant by as much as 20% over the life of the plant
  • Reduce design and construction risk through expert, independent third-party validation
  • Exploit deep industry and specialist expertise to improve the overall project specification, costing, scheduling, design, construction, commissioning and performance.


  • TAQA engineers are former executives of large international engineering companies and are recognized as industry experts in their respective fields of specialization.
  • TAQA engineers have successfully played the role of OE in a diverse range of projects across the globe 
  • TAQA exploits all the benefits of the Digital Workspace and Cloud-Based Collaboration techniques to maintain a streamlined operating model resulting in significantly lower costs to the client than traditional global engineering consultancies

TAQA as an Owner's Egineer

Providing an end-to-end service, we bring our experience to your project. 

Cost Saving

TAQA can reduce a project’s overall cost by as much as 20% through dedicated oversight and expert knowledge

Risk Management

TAQA reduces the overall project risk for the owner by Identifying and quantifying project risks and developing a risk mitigation plan

Capex & Opex Modelling

TAQA will develop & update project cost estimates. Our insight delivers accurate projections, taking into account our Independent engineering evaluation across the full life of the project

Contracting Strategy

TAQA can help develop a project contracting strategy that aims to balance risk mitigation and optimising financial gains.

Design Optimisation

TAQA develops designs for site specific applications and performs design reviews. TAQA provides detailed project design criteria

Project Assessment

TAQA analyses available technologies and their suitability to the project and owner’s goals and provide alternatives analysis when required.

Geophysical & Geotechnical

TAQA can help with defining the project size, location, technology selection, configuration and preparing technical commercial specifications


TAQA ensures deliverables are in-line with owner’s expectations through control of project schedule by preparing integrated project schedules

Comprehensive Support

TAQA provides support with the licensing process, permitting and environmental processes, regulatory support. TAQA also supports the owner with reviewing EPC contractor costs, schedule, and progress.



  • TAQA will conduct a free assessment for qualifying clients on their proposed on site power generation project.
  • The assessment significantly improves investment decision making and assists in risk mitigation

 The complimentary TAQA power project assessment includes:

  • Load profile and tariff analysis for the client’s site/s
  • Solar and wind resource assessment for the client’s location/s
  • Gas infrastructure and supply options
  • Biomass and Waste to Energy alternatives if applicable
  • Energy storage options
  • Grid integration and optimization
  • High level technology options analysis
  • Basic economic evaluation and business case analysis
  • System level power plant solution design

To book a free energy options assessment please click here or call us on  087 701 2510.